Why does Poonam Pandey threaten to leave twitter?

On Wednesday, September 12th, 2012


Poonam Pandey threatens to leave Twitter!

The controversial leggy lass Poonam Pnadey at hand threatened to abscond from the social networking site, Twitter. But why? Of course this question rambled in our mind when we heard it for the first time. It was really amazing to see the twitter-addicted babe intimidating to quit Twitter! But, when we enter into the depth of the issue, we deduced the following concern of her behind such decision.

In fact, she demands that there have been more than 700 fake accounts in her name that are constantly posting her pics pretending to be Poonam. Hence, the babe demands to take a verification of her account, else she would get barred from the twitter world. Revealing her anxiety she twitted, “More then 700 FAKE Twitter profiles with my name and pix.. unless my account is VERIFIED wont Post any PIX, Videos.”

Since her joining to the Twitter community, the sexy siren has been a brand name in the social networking site and her pictures and videos have induced fans for Twitter across the globe. But, though she has been appealing the Twitter personnel to look into her concern since last February, but has got no result yet and that’s why she  has decided to leave the community.

Then what to do guys? It’s really sad to say that you can only see the lusty Poonam back on track, only if her account is verified! Else…….No hope!

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