Poonam Pandey shows her deep cleavage

On Monday, July 30th, 2012


Poonam Pandey wxibits deep cleavage.

The B-town Sexy siren Poonam Pandey always remains in search of occasions to grab the limelight by showing her hot body and we have seen several instances of this before. This morning, once more she repeated the act by posting a raunchy scanty-clad picture of her on twitter that shows her cleavage in plenty.

Adding fuel to the pic, the babe tweeted in conjunction with the poster, ‘Tweethearts …. have u ever seen ne thing as HOT as this in INDIA.’ Making the idea hotter she further added, ‘Tweethearts howz this one …. if its hot retweet. If you think its hotter favorite it … let me c.’

Poonam Pandey has always been in controversy because of her nude expositions and it’s not the first time that we have seen the babe showing off her cleavage. Before also, the hot gal has revealed her sizzling body posting numerous naked pictures.

Clad in a scanty black and white stripes top, Poonam shows most part of her boobs in the recent picture. There is a murky surge in her eyes and she wears a pink lipstick. Bagging her hair, the babe looks extremely seductive. It seems she prioritizes more to reveal her cleavage rather than showing her glossy face.

For the first time, Poonam Pandey came into public eye when she affirmed to go nude if India wins the world cup. But, she failed to keep her promise post India victory.

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