Poonam Pandey shamelessly unleashed!

On Monday, August 13th, 2012


Poonam Pandey hot bath pics.

What way on earth the controversial babe has not adopted to grab the media eye! She is as shameless as no one else we thinks! Just a couple of days before, we had let you know about her awe-inspiring pictures in her micro blogging site humanly wearing nothing at bottom. And now she has uploaded some more sensational pictures in her twitter page, bald-facedly unleashed and evaluating herself with the Hollywood sexy siren Pamela Anderson!    

It’s not the first time the babe has shed her clothes to impress the youngsters, but everything seems in vain. Previous year also she had done the same act, posting her half-clad pics on the twitter page. And this year also she repeated the action having uploaded some really sizzling and hot pictures in the twitter page. The self-taken pictures depict her splattering in the bath tub, and wrapping her reticence with foamy soap suds.

And you know, what Poonam thinks about this dare-bare bathroom act of her? She thinks it very equal to the sexy appearances of Pamela Anderson in Baywatch! “Its cool to be Hot. And I am just that in the bath tub. Pamela was in Baywatch, and I am here in Soap-watch” she tweeted.

Can you imagine someone more shameless than her? We wonder if there might be anyone! However, we hope that Poonam is taking a cold war with the Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leon and the ‘Playboy’ famed sexy gal Sherlyn Chopra. And you must know why? But tell us one thing honestly guys, can Poonam ever manage to replace the Hollywood fame Pamela Anderson just after getting hot in the bath tub?

We hope no way and never! But do you think the same?

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