Why Poonam Pandey went so desperate to assume Sherlyn Chopra’s Playboy act?

On Friday, August 31st, 2012


Poonam Pandey’s new Playboy bunny avatar.

Take a look at the above pic and you will gotta know what we want to say actually! Can you deduce something special from these pics? We know not what you assume. But they made us recollect the sizzling hot and sexy Playboy fame Sherlyn Chopra who recently did her dare-bare act inside the sumptuous citadel of Playboy’s Hugh Hefner at LA. While posing nude and gamboling in the mushroom with her half clad Playboy colleagues and allowing them filming her nude, really made her excavate bullion this year. And we hope that’s what makes Poonam go mad and she is getting desperate to pose in the Playboy bunny avatar.

It’s not the first time the babe has done so to come into the limelight. Before also she had posted many semi-nude and almost nude pics of her in the micro-blogging site to grab the public attention. Only few days ago she imprisoned herself on the camera while having a simmer bath and soon she went panty-less to brag her derriere. And now Poonam has taken a completely different and pristine avatar as a Playboy Bunny. Wrapping her torso partially in a towel and wearing the bunny hat, the sexy lass is seen trying to grab attention after making facial expressions in the pic.

But, we can’t get anything how these baseless attempts of her will make her a sensation overnight! What you think readers? Will she be able to grab the attention of Playboy’s Hugh Hefner to give her a call and spent some awfully private moments with her inside his big castle? Well, time will be a great shrine to make her this dream come true, we hope! But know not what to happen next!

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