Pooja takes a big risk after starring Sunny in ‘Jism 2’!

On Wednesday, August 1st, 2012


Sunny Leon feels Pooja Bhatt has taken a big risk after starring her in ‘Jism 2′!

The Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leon feels that Pooja Bhatt has taken a big risk after starring her in her upcoming erotic thriller ‘Jism 2’. The sexy doll expressed so in an interview with PTI.

She said, “I think Pooja took a bigger risk than me by casting me in the film. I am happy that I got this film and I think I have done my best. I hope people will like it.” The babe got an entry ticket to Bollywood after participating in the controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss.

The erotic thriller ‘Jism 2’ directed by Pooja Bhatt will be her Bollywood debut and she is paired against Arunoday Singh and Randeep Hooda in the movie. The actress feels that working in run-of-the-mill movies like ‘Jism 2’ is too difficult and most difficult is making the intimate scenes that keep close connection to the story.

Hence she said, “In fact the challenging part was not to blink in close-up shots, and Pooja wanted me to do it perfectly. Being in an adult film is completely different from mainstream films.”

Talking about her Hindi learning experience she said, “I had voice and dialogue coaches every day for hours. The easiest thing was lines as I spent months learning Hindi, which I had never done earlier. Speaking Hindi became easier for me than my body movements.”

Sunny owns a production house namely Sun Lust Pictures in the US, and she says her production house will keep on releasing movies, though she is not present there in person. “I have a production company that will always be there. I am not in the movies but my company releases it all the time. This year probably I am not going to do a movie there as I am here in India,” she said.

My production company releases three to five films a month. We produce, direct and distribute adult material to countries where it is allowed,” added the babe further.

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