Parliamentary panel invites Amir to discuss on medical malpractices.

On Tuesday, June 19th, 2012


Amir Khan to meet the parliamentary panel!

The impact of Amir Khan’s most appraised TV program is on flow and that’s why the renowned actor has been invited by a parliamentary panel to confer his know-how on the malpractices in the medical sector, the which information he did expose on his TV program ‘Satyamev Jayate’.  He will appear with his team on Thursday morning for the discussion.Amir has been invited by the Rajya Sabha MP Shanta Kumar of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) who heads the parliamentary standing committee on commerce, to share the information they acquired during their research for the episode. It got confirmed from Amir’s spokesperson that he will convene and interact with the panel on Thursday morning. However, this is a matter of great pride for the Bollywood star who managed to get invited into the parliament house, not being an MP!

The 47-years- actor unveiled the growing cases of malpractices in the medical sector along with the irresponsible behavior of the doctors, and their immoral practices to rub money from the patients through his popular TV show Satyamev Jayate. Even he presented live instances of some people, who had become victims of such ruthless practices of doctors. This episode of May 27, even raised voice against some important issues like the overpricing of life-saving drugs and its consequences that common life meets. The portrayal made the Indian Medical Association (IMA) protest against such exposure and wanted Aamir to apologize, but without any outcome.

Satyamev Jayate, which is considered as Mr. Perfectionist’s television entry, has hitherto conferred issues like female foeticide, child sex abuse, dowry and domestic violence. Even the parliament has recently passed a bill on severe action against those culpable of child sex abuse.

Anyway, the actor is too much adamant about reforming the society using his trump card called ‘Satyamev Jayte’ and we simply salute him for his noble attempt. Well done Amir!

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