Parineeti Chopra is Ready to Expose in Bikini!

On Monday, May 7th, 2012


Parinitee Chopra got ready to do a bikini!

Parinitee Chopra, the only just stepped in Bollywood actress who made her debut with the film ‘Ladies Vs Ricky Bhai’, has made it confirmed to do a bikini and she feels not shy to do the same. She confirmed this during an interview with a daily and said “If there’s a script and I have to wear a bikini, I will do it. I know I have the willpower to get into shape for a bikini!”  

But where came the matter of shape? The truth behind the scene is that she (Parinitee Chopra) has yawning mania for food and it’s too difficult on her part to discard this desire. She says, “I can’t stop eating. I don’t follow any diets. I eat everything; it’s just that now I have to work out.” That means she must be too heavy to fit in a bikini and hence needs to work hard to acquire a bikini body. Very simple!

Also Parinitee somehow feels amazed about the metabolism of her cousin sister Priyanka Chopra who is by now lined up among the top most hot bikini babes of Bollywood. She says, “Priyanka eats more than me, but her metabolism is amazing. Touchwood, she never puts on weight. She was like this since her childhood. I was fat since I was a child. She is blessed with great metabolism, so she doesn’t put on weight. I easily gain weight.” But what we think she is a bit jealous about the amazing figure of her hot sister, but anyhow has managed to reduce her waist from a considerable 36 inches to 30 inches.

But friends! What you think? 30 inches waist is a suitable shape for a bikini body? I hope not, as most craze in the B-Town goes for a 24-26-24 figure and Parinitee might need to deduce a same shape, so that it can be ideal to make herself considered to be a perfect bikini babe. And the Ishaqzaade girl is also ready to give her hundred percent for gaining a just right shape.

As per her confirmation, she might soon get exposed for her appraisers in a bikini body and no doubt it will create huge sensation among her onlookers. After all, who will not like see such a hot babe in bikini? Nice work Parinitee! All the best from our Dailybolly team for her first bikini appearance.

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