‘Oye Mickey’ to depict Manish Paul as a hacker

On Monday, August 6th, 2012


Earlier, we had clued you up about the famed television anchor-cum-actor Manish Paul, who is about to make his Bollywood big screen debut with the movie ‘Oye Mickey’. But it was not clarified then, actually what character he is going to play in the movie. But, now the matter is clear and we are glad to let you know that the dear to all anchor is going to play the character of a hacker in the movie.  Manish himself confirmed the matter and said, “I play a Punjabi computer geek Mickey who plans the con of a lifetime. The film revolves around how he tries to undo what he’s done.”

Though Manish was earlier offered with some comic roles, but he wanted to make himself distinguished and hence chose for this character. Conversely, he further added, “This script has comedy, suspense and every element which is required in a film.”

The world knows Manish as a versatile host and before he has also hosted many reality shows. While he is best recognized for his tacky comic jiffy as a host, he expresses that the task is not much easy as it seems. He says, “I think one needs to be well read and should be aware of what’s happening in the world. Despite the teleprompters, we need to add a lot of inputs on our own while hosting a show.”

However, he feels that the journey from television to movies is quite hard and hence someone must add his hundred percent for this. When asked what kind of movie he would like to go for in future, he said, “Out and out commercial films. Such films are the face of Indian cinema.”

Well, when we have seen Manish many times before in both reel and reality world cracking the stage, now we kill time to see his recital as a Punjabi computer geek Mickey. We hope he has enough potential to make justice to his character. Don’t you think we are right?

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