Neha Dhupia is pretty happy with her ‘Maxim’ look.

On Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Neha Dhupia 'Maxim' look.

Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia is about to appear with an entirely new look in Kabeer Kausik’s ‘Maxim’ and that is with the character of a desi housewife. This will be a completely different look for her and the actress is also quite happy about this.

“I am very happy that I get to play this role in a film like `Maximum`. Kabeer is such a capable director and I am so happy he thought I was capable enough to play this role,” the actress said at the music launch of the movie on Monday.

Maxim is an absolute action thriller and the movie features Naseeruddin Shah, Sonu Sood and Vinay Pathak excluding Neha. Neha plays the character of Supriya, who is Sonu’s wife and this time she comes with a fully domestic and simple outlook, wearing cotton sarees throughout the movie. Talking about her character in the film, Neha told, “I am wearing cotton sarees and it is a very different look.”

Neha is blessed with an array of films in her hand and being asked about her choice of opting for a film, she said, “Nobody signs films thinking about their look. I think the only reason I sign a film is because of the script. But I have got a lot of opportunities where I had different looks. It`s very nice to get such opportunities but you should never base your decision on the clothes you like to wear.”

Neha is the only female in the movie and while asked about the rest of the cast in the movie, the babe expressed her happiness to be the only female in the movie. “I think if the caste is all male and I am the only woman in the film, it`s easier to get noticed. If anyone had got this character, they would have done it,” she added.

Besides, she was found full of praises for Naseeruddin Shah, who has been  seen  with her so many times before. “I have learnt a lot from him. He is an institution in himself. There are different schools of acting and he is one of them,” she said.

Whatever it may be, but certainly it’s a matter of great joy to see a hot babe like her in a completely new avatar. We would love to wait for the movie to go on floor! But what of you guys?

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