How Nana managed to sway Priyan renounce smoking!

On Saturday, August 11th, 2012


Nan Patekar manages to influence Priyan renounce smoking!

Nana Patekar, a brand name in the B-own is well-known for his smoking habits and once a time was considered to be a chain smoker. But, anyhow he managed well to bade good bye to the hubby before four years. And now we hear that Nana who is busy shooting for his upcoming flick ‘Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal’ with director Priyadarshan on Pecrept Pictures, has made him quit the habit too!

We know not how he did the miracle because Priyan was used to be a heavy smoker and could hardly live without smoking.

While Nana was asked about this miracle, he said, “Priyan is like a little child. He is so excited by his film that he lives and breathes it, and doesn’t take care of his health. I had asked him to quit smoking but when Priyan met me this time and told me he is indeed quitting the addiction, I felt very happy. Smoking kills you.”

Ask Nana the same question, how he had done the same miracle with him four years back and he answers cunningly, “It happened suddenly. One morning, I just got up and said, ‘No more cigarettes.” Wow! That’s called willpower which makes a man cautious of his integrity.

However, it’s really nice not only to see Nana getting detached from his bad hubbies but persuading others to do so! Well done Nana. We appreciate your noble attempt.

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