What’s the name of Shah Rukh’s upcoming three starrer flick?

On Friday, August 24th, 2012


Shah Rukh Khan and Ktrina Kaif in a sequence of Shah Rukh’s untitled flick.

The Bollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan rules over the industry for more than two decades, but hardly had we seen such indiscretion in his career. You know about Shah Rukh’s upcoming three starrer movie featuring Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma and himself. But, we don’t get any reason why the movie is yet titled as ‘untitled flick’! Is it so that the makers can’t decide an apt name for the movie?

Shooting works of the movie is going on in full swing and even huge buzz moves about the movie amongst the Bollywood chatters. Everyone is much curious to know the name of this upcoming three starrer flick, but are left without any answer. While some of the complex sequences of the movie are being shot in Ladakh right now, we took a decent search to discover if any proceeding is there concerning its name. But we found that Yash Chopra has not of course proceeded far on that regard. But what dismayed us the most is to see the clapperboard referring the movie as Production No 45. Production No 45! What sort of movie name is this ?

There only we realized, perhaps the creative team has lost all its creativity naming the movie so absurd. Don’t you realize the same? Just tell us one thing guys? What will be the consequence, if this trend goes on till the movie reaches its climax shot? Do you find any apt rejoinder? We have one. The movie will automatically get named as Production No 45 by the gossip mongers. We are right na?

Hence, the moviemakers should think on the issue at the earliest and must take some early steps on this regard . Else…..!

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