Mumbai Police discovered Body Parts of Laila Khan in Untdari

On Wednesday, July 11th, 2012


Laila Khan’s body parts found.

The much acclaimed Laila Khan murder case has come into the limelight and recently the Mumbai Police crime branch and ATS carried a search operation near the starlet’s farm house to locate the bodies buried there. Parvez Tak, the chief accused of Laila Khan murder case had revealed this truth before the Jammu and Kashmir Police before some days and on that ground the police took a thorough search near her bungalow in Untdari.

In a combined effort, the police carried a search operation close to the actress’ farm house in Untdari behind the Ghatan Devi Temple in Igatpuri. During the operation, sliced up corpse parts were found near the farm house. Since Tuesday morning, the farm house was fenced around, up to 4 kilometers in the presence of top police officials and heavy mercenaries. More than 250 policemen were engaged on operation with 25 digging laborers, 3 Forensic teams, 3 dog squads.

To make the search process relevant, the prime accused Parvez Tak and Asif Shaikh were brought to Igatpuri and were asked to reveal the location where they had buried the bodies after murder. Besides, Police have also arrested Laila Khan`s car drivers Jony Gilder and Mehboob Shaikh from Igatpuri and are inquiring to dig up further details from them.

The search operation is still on progress and yet it is to be detected, if the body parts found are of Laila Khan’s or any of her relatives. Anyways, soon it will also get cleared.

Laila was last seen in a movie ‘Wafaa’ in 2008 with Rajesh Khanna. Last year her biological father had lodged a report about her missing.

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