What made Mohd Rafi’s son grieve on Lata Mangeshkar?

On Thursday, September 27th, 2012


Mohd Rafi’s son pour his guts on Lata Mangeshkar!

Recent reports reveal that late first-rate singer Mohd Rafi’s son Shahid Rafi has poured his guts on the living legend Lata Mangeshkar for her remark before a tabloid that she demanded a written apology from Rafi Saab to sing with him. It seems, Rafi’s family is much upset with such ignite remark of Lataji and they say that this is an absolute false comment because nothing such has ever happened.

In a recent interview Lata Mangeshkar declared that she demanded a written apology from Mohd Rafi after having a falling-out with him and walking out of a meeting and this made Rafi’s son get red with anger.

Protesting Lataji’s statement he said, “This is utter nonsense. Lataji, with all due respect, is getting old, and I think is unable to recall things correctly. Reading her say all this has upset me, as it is totally false. I’m thinking of issuing a legal notice to her. Royalty was an issue – I am not denying ki aisi koi baat nahi hui thi. But when she says she demanded an apology letter, that’s wrong. At that time, Lataji ki haisiyat thi, mere daddy ko naa bolne ki, ya kuch demand karne ki? She was losing her space to talented newcomers like Mubarak Begum and Geeta Dutt, and daddy was at the top. Also, my dad was illiterate; he never wrote anything.”

Also Rafi’s son demanded an explanation from Lataji saying that it’s quite impossible because his father had never written any latter like that. Also he asked Lataji to show the letter if he had. He bets his life instead.

Agar letter hai Lataji ke paas, let her prove it. Why raise this issue 32 years after he passed away? Why didn’t she speak of the letter back then? Any letter written by such a legend should be preserved as a memento. So, agar daddy ne poora apology letter likha hai, toh kahaan hai woh? Sawaal hi nahi uthta. I can bet my life that there’s no letter. If there is, let her show it as proof, kasam se, main chup ho jaunga. My father was a much, much greater person than her, and I’ll not have any Tom Dick and Harry talking about him like that,” he added further.

Making the issue more apparent, Rafi’s son-in-law Meraj Ahmed said, it’s a truth that there was a fall-over between the two, but never any apology letter was written by his father-in-law  and for that controversy they didn’t even sing together for almost three years. We know not in real what the truth is! But what argument comes from Mr. Rafi’s family seems genuine. Now, it’s to be seen how Lataji responds to this gripe by Rafi’s son! 

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