Manisha Kaoirala is no more in marriage bond

On Saturday, July 28th, 2012


Manisha Koirala end her relation with Samrat.

The two years marriage has finally resulted in a break up and Manisha is no more in marriage bonds. Yes, we do talk of the Bollywood actress Manish Koirala and Samrat Dalal marriage relationship that was under controversy for a long time. In fact, Manisha had started complaining about her marriage life just after a few months it took place.

Former B-town actress Manish Koirala was bonded in marriage relationship with businessman Samrat Dalal in 2010 and just after a few months Manisha posted in a social networking site about their familiar controversies and her unhappy state of mind. Since, it turned into a media issue and recently we got informed that she has taken divorce from her husband. Well, the two year long rapport has finally come to an end and one of her friends informed that she is quiet happy with this.

Just before a few weeks, the couple had decided to break up and now the actress is in Mumbai. But, in intervals she also visits Nepal because her family lives there. A close friend of Manisha revealed this and said,” Manisha still goes to Nepal. After all, her family lives there.” Informing the break up as a mutual understanding, she further added, “Certain marriages work out, some don’t. Manisha and Samrat have taken it in their stride.”

Rightly said, relationship is made in heaven, we thinks her marriage span had come to an end and so both of them had to face the stubborn truth. But, yet one thing is there for the actress to console that the break up took place mutually and not forcibly.

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