Mallika Sherawat self exposed her mystery man.

On Wednesday, June 6th, 2012


Mallika Sherawat invited controversies for self after twitting a picture of her taking off to Versailles from Cannes in a private jet. The sizzling babe would have never thought of such problems whilst posting something hush-hush like this.

The actress put up a photo saying, “taking off for Versailles in my friends private plane”. Conversely, she is been bracketed with queries about the identification of her concealed friend, since she has posted this and is also alleged that he is sponsoring all her trips and events abroad.

But Mallika is too much angry with these allegations and says, “This is ridiculous! I am fed up of these nasty rumors and people asking me strange kind of questions. Why can’t a woman be successful on her own? Why does she need a man in her life to reach a certain position? I don’t need a man to take care of me, thank you! I am capable of pampering my needs and am happy to be on my own. I don’t need to be dependent on any man for anything.”

When alleged that her reside in the US and trips to Cannes have been subsidized by a ‘special friend’ her anger new no bounds. She replied with grudge, “”This is so juvenile and downright absurd. Why can’t people see a woman reach a powerful position on her own? Why does there always have to be a man behind her success? I find all this highly amusing!”

In order to expose her hidden friend’s identity, she said, “I flew famous hotel moghul in Dominique Desseigne’s aircraft. He’s very well known in Europe. I travelled in his plane along with my brother for a special VIP visit to the Chateau of Versailles. He got us permission to take a tour of the rooms and areas of the palace that are only accessible to VIPs.”

Anyways, we hope Mallika is true to her words in revealing the identification of her so-called mystery man! But to what extent she is gonna accepted by her onlookers with this truth is still in doubt.

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