Kya Razz Hai from RAAZ 3: Bipasha at her best!

On Friday, August 17th, 2012


Bipasha grooves to the tune of ‘Kya Razz Hai’ in RAAZ 3.

The legendary Vikram Bhatt is back again with the sequel of his 2002 horror flick Raaz and this time he wants to create perhaps some extra sensation among the onlookers with his Emraan Hashmi-Bipasha Basu-Esha Gupta starrer ‘Raaz 3’!

Ask us why and we will tell, the movie is a classy blend of spooks and intimate scenes and this is always the secret mantra for the success of a horror flick. While most footage of the movie was showcased on Esha earlier, now Mr. Bhatt has tried to bring in a resemblance between the two lead actresses presenting an item song namely ‘Kya Raaz Hai’ featuring the Bong beauty in the movie.

But while watching the title song, we felt relentless and found nothing at all fascinating in it. Though we tried to detect on which milieu exactly the song is set up, but it could not make us get anything in particular, neither we got tempted. Of course, Bipasha is quite appealing and sensual in her endeavors, but what about the set and the dance moves? The set seems pretty droll and the dance moves quite boring! Most notably the dance steps of the props and the junior dancers that make you feel like nothing. Aww! Horrible!

But yes, one thing is there noteworthy to feel and i.e. the lyrics by Kumaar which talk about the anonymities of life. And highlighting the phrase ‘sabkuchh yahan raaz he’, the song constantly makes you summon up the theme behind the hidden mystery. But, do you get anything special in the song ?

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