Krrish 3 will be a Darker Film, Not suitable for Children

On Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Krrish 3 hrikhik roshan

Krrish 3 learnt for Ra.ONE mistakes and to focus Adults than children.

Hrithik Roshan’s Superhero film, Krrish 3 is the most awakening film of the year, but it’s getting released in 2013. The film producer Rakesh Roshan learnt a lot from the mistakes that Ra.One had done. There was so much kiddy factor in Ra.One that even kids kicked them off. He understood, no cheaper VFX-laden thrills are needed to impress the young generation now. We much enjoyed Hollywood’s ‘Transformer’ lot then Bollywood’s Ra.One. After seeing the views Rakesh Roshan changed his game plans for Krrish 3.

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You might be getting confused if the previous film was Krrish then the sequel should be Krrish 2, but how come it’s Krrish 3? We also don’t have answer to this question but only speculate that Koi Mil Gaya was the first film then Krrish and after that it’s Krrish 3 (third sequence). The upcoming superhero film got place

in headlines when Jacqueline Fernandez walked out of the film and now it gets an adult online pharmacy propecia viagra spotlight apparently opposite of previous two films.

Kangana Ranuat is getting casted in Krrish 3 as a female antagonist. Yes, of course the female protagonist is Priyanka Chopra but will

get overshadowed by Kangana. We are not pretty much sure about it but it is been speculated. Kangana is going to play an alien in the film Krrish 3 who owes an army of animals that will obviously snag Krrish in the film. Rakesh Roshan wants to stick to the Spiderman 3 theme. The superhero will be dealing with the inner demons as well as the villain who will always try to hitch the hero to hell.

Yes, as we described that Krrish 3 is given ‘A’ certificate that means the film is going to be an adult

one this time. It could not help itself from the desire of young children

because children like high quality film with lots of graphics and Sci-Fi friction and Krrish 3 will be containing all those. Roshan will lose few chunks of audience but will definitely take the series to the next level. You have to wait a little while Mr. Rakesh Roshan will adopt few more Sci-fis in it and will make it ready for next year release.

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