King Khan banned from Wankhde for 5 years!

On Friday, May 18th, 2012


MCA bans Saharukh Khan from entering Wankhde stadium for five years!

The Bollywood Baadshah and KKR co-owner Saharukh Khan has been banned by the Mumbai Cricket Association for five years from entering inside the Wankhde stadium, being allied to violate the MCA rules and misbehaving its officials.

This undisputed decision was taken by the MCA managing committee today (Friday) in a meeting called to settle on the steps to be taken against the superstar for his controversial brawl with the security and other personnel of the association on Wednesday night after the KKR-Mumbai Indians match.

MCA President Vilasrao Deshmukh who presided over the meeting, told that his association was on a process of sending the message that any kind of misbehavior would not be tolerated, no matter who so ever the individual may be.

He told in a press conference, “”If rules are violated, action will be taken. It does not depend who the individual is. It’s a message to everyone whosoever he or she may be that stern action will be taken if there is any misbehavior”.

However, Mr. Khan has already denied that he had misbehaved none and what he had done was only an act of protection for the children including his children, who were ‘manhandled ‘by the security staff.

Besides, Mr. Deshmukh added, “How can he go inside the ground without proper accreditation. Even I can’t go inside the ground if not invited for presentation ceremony.”

He even told, “We have handed a five-year ban on him and it was a unanimous decision. It applies to any match whether domestic or international at the Wankhede.’

In answer to a question if this decision can be reversed by BCCI, Deshmukh said, “We have taken a decision to protect the dignity of our association. BCCI is our parent body and we have written to them informing what had happened. We have no control over BCCI’s decision. We are also an independent body with the Wankhede being our property.”

Anyhow, IPL Chairperson Rajiv Shukla has made it confirmed that final decision on the matter will be taken by BCCI. At New Delhi, he told the reporters that State bodies only can recommend, but a final decision will be taken by BCCI and the Board will decide on the ban when the matter comes to BCCI.

So, we have only to peep ahead to find out if BCCI supports MCA or Mr. Baadshah of Bollywood!

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