What kind of marriage does Katrina prefer?

On Tuesday, August 14th, 2012


Slman Khan and Katrina Kaif.

What you think about our question guys? What kind of marriage the most gorgeous babe of the B-town, Katrina Kaif would like to go for? Of course you will take it in a most expected love marriage end. But, we have come to hear that the babe is not at all interested for love marriage and would like to go for an arranged marriage!

Rather, she is not also interested to marry someone from the B-town. Reveal sources close to Kat, “She is a complete family girl and would prefer an arranged marriage.” But what you assume Salu Miya must be thinking about the idea? We hope, he must be taking it easy.

Ask why and we will say that their love story has come to an end na! No more they are lovers and beloved and rather both have accepted the truth days before. Though numerous speculations are yet going among their fans concerning their affair, but we can make you sure that really nothing such is there between the two anymore.

You might ask us, how can we say so? But, we have a answer to it. In fact, during the promotional activities of ‘Ek Tha Tiger,’ Salman has one way affirmed that nothing brewing between them now. Recently, being asked a question about his marriage, the hunk said, “”I am ready to marry but the girl should agree, na,” and added further in a humorous way, “The day Susheela, the lady, who has been looking after us for last many years refuses my marriage proposal from that day I will start looking out for a girl.”

Then what you guess from Salu Bhai’s motive? We hope he is not contented yet, even after dating some of the most gorgeous B-town babes and wants for more! Hence, Kat must mull over her decision once more we hope. Don’t you think so?

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