Kim Kardashian to be a part of ‘Bigg Boss Season 6’!

On Monday, June 18th, 2012


Bawling for the casting of Bigg Boss season 6 is already on track and if everything goes fine, the American socialite, television reality star, model and actress Kim Kardashian is supposed to join the season 6 of the baap of all reality shows… and evidently, for the oomph factor. It seems, Bigg Boss is quite firm in its promise of being hot and hence, has made a long chart of the hot babes around the world to invite them into the show. The process initiated with Pamela Anderson (Season 4) and followed by Canadian porn star Sunny Leon (Season 5), has reached up to Kim in Season 6.

There is only a bit barricade with the price that she demands to be a part of the reality show, which is approximate Rs. 4.5 crore, as revealed by the casting agents. As said by the agents, there is a special cause why they look for Kim! It’s so, because they want someone damn hot and super sexy this time to meet the budding demand of the audience, who have just got mesmerized after seeing the sizzling Sunny Leon, the previous year. Hence, the coordinators are on their eve to persuade and make Kim agree for the purpose.

“We have approached many international celebrities for Bigg Boss but I can’t divulge the names right now,” says Deepak Dhar, Endemol India CEO.

And if the deal is firmed up with Kim, then you can better envisage what kind of drama will ravage in the Bigg Boss kitchen as the babe has recently opined on her reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians that she finds Indian food “disgusting”. While this remark heaved huge flak for the gal inside the continent, still we expect she would get warm welcome in India. Do not ask why. Bco’z ……… you know why!

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