Katrina was allowed free pass at airport!

On Tuesday, September 4th, 2012


Katrina Kaif got free pass at airport.

Huge drone roams around the B-town about the way of treatment that the sexiest lady of the world Katrina Kaif got at the Mumbai international airport. You might ask, ‘Was she behaved badly’? Not exactly, rather you will get surprised to know that the airport authorities broke the airport rules for her sake! You might wonder why?

Actually, the actress was returning from Chicago with her two assistants on Sunday and went out of the terminal devoid of claiming any luggage. But soon her two assistants Arun Sharma and P Chaddha went inside to bring back her ‘forgotten’ luggage from the carousel which is strictly prohibited for the fliers. By rule, the fliers can never go back to the terminal once they are out.  But that day nothing such happened.

However, when asked, the Customs’s Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) sources claimed that the security only let them go inside when they asserted to be the personal staff of Kat, but they were clogged by a team led by AIU deputy commissioner Samir Wankhede who demanded them a clarification for carrying the unrevealed luggage like Katrina’s two bags, an iPad, unsaid cash of `30,000 and two bottles of whisky, which they had purchased from a duty-free shop.

Taking a query of their declaration forms revealed that one of the assistants of Kat had signed on her behalf, though the luggage actually belonged to Kat. Hence, as per the Foreign Exchange rules, Chaddha was fined `2,000 for hauling unrevealed goods while Sharma was penalized with a `10,000 that confines the Indian currency amount a passenger can carry abroad. But Kat was not called to the airport, an amnesty that the passengers are hardly offered with.

Anyways, an airport authority claimed that she is not called there for security reasons, but will be called soon for an explanation.

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