Katrina thinks Salman himself should decide when to marry

On Friday, July 13th, 2012


Katrina thinks it’s high time Salman should think when to marry.

Salu Bhai is tired of the roj roj batein and everyday urging about his marriage. He can’t understand why all are in a hurry to make him captive in the marriage bond. First his actor friend Amir Khan and now her ex-girlfriend Katrina! Ohh god! What the handsome hunk will do to embark upon such extraneous situations! We hope, he is not at all in a hurry to get married right this moment.

The 46-year-pld actor seems a bit irritated with this. Reacting to Amir’s persuasion to get married, Salman said, “Aamir has been after me for this for a while now. I don’t understand why everyone is after me to get married?” Perhaps, he wants not to lose his freedom and his designation of being the most eligible bachelor of the B-town.

In the promos of their impending movie Ek Tha Tiger, Katrina is found telling the Dabangg Khan that it is high time he gets married. This is the feel of Kat for her ex-boyfriend in the reel world. But, when she was asked about her feel about Salman’s marriage in the real world, she said, “I think no one else except Salman should decide at what age he wants to get married.”

And what to tell of director Kabir Khan who included the dialogue in the movie! He simply says that he could not resist himself to embrace the dialogue in the movie, since he was having both Katrina and Salman in the movie.

It’s genuine that Amir must think about Salman’s marriage, as he wants his dear friend to get settled. But really, we can’t understand why Katrina is so much interested about Salman’s marriage? What she has to do with Salu Miya’s sadi? We thinks, perhaps her latent love has started to sparkle for her ex-boyfriend. What you think friends?

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