Are Katrina and Neetu Singh going to cast together?

On Wednesday, September 26th, 2012


Katrina Kaif and Neetu Singh are going to cast together in a film!

Who knows not about the two Bollywood biggies Neetu Singh and Katrina Kaif and their so-called relationship! Rather we can assure you that the duo maintains a good bit of relationship and there is nothing to groove if you ask ‘why’?  Of course owing to Kat’s so-called friendship with Junior RK! But you must be thinking what’s special we are trying to articulate here about the duo B-town actresses!

Yes, there is something really exciting to eloquent. You know what! The duo actresses Katrina and Neetu Singh are in news for being cast together for the first time ever in a forthcoming film. Is not it interesting? Yes, it’s. And like sugar added to honey, Kat and Neetu fore-grounded with Rishi Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan abridged crushing grapes in the background, makes the scene more awe-inspiring.

Can you make some mind’s eye? Don’t you get the glimpse of any scene in your mind from any of Kat’s back-dated movies resembling this scene? Of course, it’s like Kat doing Namastey London with Rishi Kapoor six years back henceforth.

Well, what you learnt from this then? This is a very cordial and even more intense start up for the Kat-Neetu rapport. Then what about the confession of the duo actors Ranbir and Katrina that their relationship is nothing beyond just friendship? We are yet in dilemma regarding this just relationship and we can’t get any apt conclusion to this delusion. Do you have any guys?

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