Kareena geared up to share screen with Imran Hasmi in Karan Joahr’s next.

On Wednesday, May 30th, 2012


Kareena and Imran to come together in Karan Johar's next!

Undoubtedly time runs good for Imran Hasmi and the serial kisser is on the eve of repute after giving back to back hits in the BO. Now, fortune again knocks on his door as the Chammak Challo babe has given her say-so to work with him in the upcoming project of Karan Johar. Though Bebo had rejected the proposal to work against Imran showing time controversies before, but now she seems to have changed her mind and not only she has given her consent for the project but is much keen to work with the serial kisser! How so? Of course “Dal me kuchh kala hei”!  

Whatever the reason might be, it’s enough for Imran that the most busy bee of Bollywood is concur to work with her. What can be more apprehensive than this for an ensuing actor of the B-town like Imran? But the talent of Imran can’t be overlooked on this ground too. Because, it’s not so an easy chore to grab the attention of the bigwig Karan Johar and Imran has subjugated our attention after doing so. Anyways, what miracle the Imran – Bebo Jodi is going to do in the BO is known to all and nothing to ask of that.

Now, Karan is else hectic with his upcoming project “Student of the Year” and he considers this as one of his dream projects. So the actual truth is not revealed yet if Karan is really going to approve this come back of Bebo in his thriller project against Imran and sources say that even Karan has already offered the project to Deepika with a positive response from her, after hearing a straight no from Kareena. In such a situation, if Karan will accept Kareena again creates suspense. Still to see, if the news is not a false apprehension and would not fly over our head like a wild goose!

The essence of the hum will be bare once Karan gives a pure verse on the dilemma and we also expect a positive response on his behalf as what can be more enthralling to watch Bebo sharing screens with the Serial Kisser and that even in a suspense thriller! We are much excited to hear a ‘Yes’ from the most talented Karan Johar on this issue and hope you as well as Imran must be expecting the same too!

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