Kareena to adorn the throne till 90!

On Friday, July 27th, 2012


Kareena Kapoor in Heroine.

Kareena Kapoor, the well-known busy bee of the B-town is determined not to let her throne to anyone in the industry, rather she makes it obvious too! The past few years have seen the babe reigning the Hindi film industry and she is quite steadfast in her attempts to keep it intact. Recently, in an interview she said that she is not going to give her place to anyone.

Answering a question, if she fears that she will have to make place of other actress, Kareena said, “I haven’t thought of it as yet. And obviously I wish and hope that. I think I will be like Zohra Sehgal who would be working till 90…so tough luck. I am not going to give my place to anyone.”

The babe is soon going to be seen in Maadhur Bhandarkar’s upcoming flick Heroine, where she acts as a once successful film actress, who experiences the taste of tragic downfall and Kareena shows the bold part of her character in the movie. Her acting skills really dominate the movie.

Bearing the similar story factor, Kareena’s to-be-released ‘Heroine’ and Vidya Balan’s 2011 hit ‘The Dirty Picture’ resemble to some extent. So, answering a question if she is trying to get into the shoes of Vidaya, Bebo said, “I am not getting into anyone’s shoes. I am very much comfortable in my shoes and nobody fits into my size. I am not going anywhere. Heroine is not a dirty film…it’s completely different from ‘The Dirty Picture’. It is unfair to compare the two films.”

Clarifying the matter more, she said, “The Dirty Picture’ was based in 80′s and this (‘Heroine’) is a modern day story. ‘TDP’ was about an item girl, ‘Heroine’ is about superstar. I have taken on this film because of the script and not to compete with anyone. I think one should stop making comparisons as it is useless.”

However, whilst Heroine is all set to hit the theatres, we mustn’t forget to let you recollect here about its special item song ‘Halkat Jawani’ that is supposed to be the song of the year. Kareena simply ignores any comparison of the song with Katrina’s Sheila Ki Jawani’ and says, it belongs to her only .

On the other hand the ‘Heroine’ director was found full of praise for Kareena’s role in the movie and even demanded a national award for her! Heroine is slated to release on 21st September and If we are not wrong, then it’s is going to be a birthday gift for her!

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