Kareena reveals the concealed truth about ‘Ram Leela’

On Tuesday, July 10th, 2012


Kareena reveals the truth about ‘Ram Leela’.

Kareena Kapoor is out of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Ram Leela’ and Priyanka Chopra is replaced by her. After Kareeena got dropped from the project, rumor arose that she was discarded because of her looming nuptials that could have been a barrior in the shoot of the movie. But the babe has recently made everyone silent after revealing the obscured truth behind her walk out. She has embodied the date and money concerns as the prime factor for her walk out and not her marriage.

Kareena exposed the truth by saying that as per the contact, she had allotted only 100 days for the shooting of the movie. But Mr. Bhansali wanted more days to shoot, which was almost impossible on her part to allocate. It’s because, she has signed for three more big movies for the following year and shooting for one starts in October, just after the release of ‘Heroine’. As told by her, she has also given 32 days of promotional time for Heroine as it’s a very special film for her. Hence, it wouldn’t have become possible if she had given those dates to Ram Leela.

Making the issue more clear, she said, “I am extremely ambitious and very career-oriented and my personal life has never come in the way of of my career. My not doing this film has nothing to do with my wedding. Everyone knows Saif and me have been together in a relationship for the last five years and such stories about me being replaced because I am getting married are floated by PR machineries on an overdrive! So people, just back off and let me focus on my work!”

Apart, there is also another important reason why Kareena left the project. This got revealed by Kareena’s manager Zahid who said, “We had fixed a lumpsum amount for a 100-day shoot and had clarified that if the director took more time than that, we would be compensated, on a per-day basis. Mr Bhansali was okay with it initially but later he asked for more days and didn’t want to pay us extra for those days. We thought it’s better to do three films in 150 days than just get stuck with one.”

Anyways, now Kareen is out of the movie and Priyanka gained the profit. But, it’s to be seen if she really fits into the character that Bebo was initially roped with!

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