Kareena Kapoor thinks ‘Heroine’ her bravest role!

On Wednesday, September 12th, 2012


Kareena Kapoor in her upcoming movie ‘Heroine’.

Just few days ago, we had let you informed about the verdict of the elder Kapoor girl Karishma about her darling sis Kareena that  her forthcoming movie ‘Heroine’ is going to be a turning point of her career. And surprisingly the later also feels the same! Yes, of late dear Bebo confessed the truth and said that ‘Heroine’ is the bravest role of her career.  Directed by Madhur Bhandarkar, the movie is said to have been enthused by some real life incidents and Kareena says that very few actresses like her would dare to act in this role.

Talking to the reporters of a leading daily Kareena said, “I wanted to be a heroine since my childhood. I am happy that ‘Heroine’ has turned out to be my bravest role. Not many actresses would want to play the role of a declining superstar.” And she also gives an apt reason for her assertion. It’s so because ‘Heroine’ is a movie that only casts the declining of a starlet from the very first frame to last  and no where depicts the star rising again. That’s what the movie is risky in nature.

Besides, Kareena says that she accepted the role because of two reasons. First of all, it was challenging in nature and secondly the role was linked with the character of Mahi Arora. Giving slight hints about his know-how while opting for the role Kareena says, “I always take challenges when it comes to performance oriented roles and ‘Heroine’ isn’t something that I could have missed. I played a prostitute at the age of 22 when many people around me said that it was a wrong move and said I was way too young to pick up such a part.”

But, she says to have been much convinced internally which inspired her to play the role. Though the part for some time was taken away from Bbeo and was offered to Aishwarya concerning date issues, but later she again bagged the role owing to the cause of Aishwarya’s pregnancy. However, we can deduce that the role was to be played by Bebo and hence she played it. Right readers?

But, guess what! Kareen is much aspirant about the movie and has tremendous expectations from it. Though it will be too early to verdict that the movie is going to be a super hit in the BO, yet we can say cheers up bebo! May all your wishes come true!

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