Kareena Kapoor as queen Arundhati

On Monday, April 23rd, 2012

kareena as queen Arundhati
Kareena Kapoor to do female centric film of a

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Telegu superhit film remake soon.

Kareena Kapoor is an eminent actress who has mesmerized us with her all sort of characters played in different films. Recently, she is been hired by Madhur Bhandarkar for the controversial movie ‘Heroine’, replacing Mummy Aishwariya Rai Bachchan at a cost of 8 crore. Kareena Kapoor’s popularity is gradually increasing after the success of ‘3 Idiots’ and the success rate of her films are approximate 80-85 percent. And why not be? After all, she has the Kapoor blood running in her veins who are a vantage family in Bollywood from the past 8 decades. Now Kareena Kapoor has bagged a female centric film which will be a Hindi Remake of the Telegu film ‘Arudhati’. ‘Arudhati’ is a 2009 blockbuster and the female protagonist was Anuska Shetty in the movie.

Women centric films are based on high budget and when they are based on an ancient film factor, it’s more interesting to watch. All sorts of graphical and technological films are liked by us and we have loved this film from so many years. ‘Arundhati’ was a biggest blockbuster and the heroine of the film (Anuska Shetty) after doing the film was counted among the top heroines of Telegu movies. Kareena is going to do this film which will be her second ancient film after ‘Ashoka’

where she played the character of Maharani Kaurwaki.

However, the role of queen Arundhati was rumoured to be played by many top actresses of Bollywood like Katrina Kaif and Rani Mukherjee, but Kareena was finalized for the roll. Queen Arundhati kills a viagra online pharmacy devil in the movie and the character of the devil is played by Sonu Sood in the film. Speaking about the role Kareen Kapoor said, “I

am excited to do this that had importance for the female character.” Sonu Sood, the male antagonist is also going to do the same character in the Hindi remake. Hindi remake rights for the film ‘Arundhati’ is purchased by Gemini Film Circuit. The house will give the same touch to the film in Hindi version as had given in the Telugu version.

Arundhati is an action thriller movie with a few violent scenes on top. Anushka Shetty did extremely well playing the character of Arundhati which gave her the Filmfare Best Actress Award of the year, and also she won honor in abundance.  Hope Kareen Kapoor will too do justice to the character and we will see the beautiful brutality in the film played by Bebo.

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