Kareena is my mom: Rohit Shetty

On Saturday, July 28th, 2012


Kareena turned Rohit’s mom!

The gorgeous babe of B-town has turned mom even before her marriage! You might wonder, how so! Our dear Bebo is yet unmarried and everyone is having a keen eye on her marriage i.e. designated as the so-called wedding of the year. Then how she turned mom?

The question is of course worth- considering. Then let’s make it clear. In fact, the babe has not turned mom to a baby, rather to a fully grown guy. You must be thinking who is he? He is non other than the eminent director of the B-town, Rohit Shetty.

Recently, a group of reporters of Zoom TV over-involved Rohit asking him, if he is signing the babe for his upcoming movie Chennai Express. Guess, what he answered! He got too candid and said Kareena is his mom and hence she puts check on him. He even told that Kareena has every detail of his upcoming projects.

“Kareena is my mom. I’ve to tell her whatever I’m working on; I run my scripts past her, tell her about upcoming projects. She knows who I’m working with, where I’m shooting, what I’m doing. She keeps a check on me,” he said.

Now, we conjecture if not Saif going to turn Rohit’s dad as well, and you know the why! Then what more we must expect from the director? Of course, an early revelation addressing Saif his father!

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