How Kareena differentiates her professional life from personal life?

On Thursday, September 13th, 2012


Kareena Kapoor finds her professional life hard to handle!

The B-town busy bee Kareena Kapoor is a simple girl at heart though she has to spend most of her time amidst the glamour world. The reason is very clear. ‘Coz the babe is a big name in the B-town and one of the most leading actresses and hence she has to prioritize on her professional life rather than personal. That’s why she has to look glamorous all the time and attend iridescent events. But, she finds it a task too difficult to handle being it just the opposite of her nature!

This is what Bebo recently expressed in an event of unveiling the cover page of a magazine faceting her. Talking about her so-called glamorous life she said, “I am a very simple girl in real life. I am honest, I love spending time with my family and I love home-cooked food. But in my profession, I have to go for events, award functions and have to look glamorous on shoots. It’s a difficult job, but I don’t know anything else besides this.”

Her upcoming flick ‘Heroine’ is slated for 21st September release, which she considers as the bravest role of her career, being she showcasing the absolute negative part of an actress’ career in the movie. Anyhow, she is too resolute that the character will be well accepted by her fans like the ones in other movies. In the interim, she also talked about her upcoming next Satyagraha with Prakash Jha in which she is playing the lead opposite against Ajay Devgn.

Well, the babe is too ecstatic for being cast against Ajay and thinks it’s an honour for her to work with the hunk. “He (Prakash Jha) has made great films with Ajay Devgn before and I have a lovely role, but it’s very soon to talk about it because we start in January. It’s my honour that we (Ajay and she) are working together after a long time and it’s my privilege,” she said.

So, let’s wait for her 21st September release and Satyagraha following the next. What say guys? Are you ready?

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