Karan Johar is candid to cast Emraan in a new production.

On Saturday, June 9th, 2012


Karan Johar is quite ecstatic about Emraan Hasmi.

The fact is obvious that Filmmaker Karan Johar is too keen to work with the Serial Kisser and hence he recently declared to cast Emraan in his upcoming project. Lots of excitement is going on in the B-town since the declaration, as the couple best are about to make a tie. The two are special in their way and their fasten will of course make something miraculous. This is why, the get together of these two biggies have come up with a new excitement among their fans.

But, Karan is too ecstatic with the talent of Emraan and it was clearly reflected in the terms that he bequeathed in sheer appreciation of the emerging star. Recently he told the reporters that he is fascinated by Emraan Hasmi’s mind.

“Emraan is a tremendous talent. Everyone who has watched Shanghai is talking about how fabulous he is in that film. I have great respect for him for the way he strategises his career – the way he stays out of the film circuit and operates in his own way and on his own terms and is in his own space. I am fascinated by Emraan Hashmi’s mind. I think he is a movie star who has truly stayed away from the trappings of stardom,” added the filmmaker.

What more Emraan could expect from a legendary personality of the B-town than this! I hope, the character of Emraan in Sanghai has fully fascinated the director and so he must be in huge mind’s eye, regarding his upcoming project with Emraan. And that’s why he has decided to cast the Shanghai star in a new production!

Anyways, now it’s our turn to wait and watch how really Emraan reacts to this!

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