Journey of Jism 2 is from lust to love: Mahesh Bhatt

On Saturday, July 28th, 2012


Mahesh Bhatt states ‘Jism 2′ a conservative movie.

While Pooja Bhatt’s upcoming flick ‘Jism 2’ has already created huge sensation in the industry even before its release due to its steamy and sensual scenes, director-producer Mahesh Bhatt names it a conservative film. Not only he names it a conservative film, but casts apt motive for it too.

You must be in awe, what the hell we are talking about! And how a legendary personality, like Mr. Bhatt can utter such nuisance and what reasons does he give to prove his statement! Then let’s make it clear. According to Mr. Bhatt, Jism 2 is a journey from lust to love and it’s all about a porn star’s earnest desire to get the taste of enduring love.

Only just, in a press conference he stated, “Jism 2 is a conservative film! The journey of Jism 2 is from lust to love. It’s about a porn star’s longing for enduring love. The goal post is traditional, but the journey to it is a complex route.”

Though, we have already gone through one part of the movie, yet the other part is overshadowed and what we can guess from its storyline, he is right. It’s so because, ‘Jism 2’ starring the Indo-Canadian porn Sunny Leon reveals a lot about the innate quest for love in it. And soon it will be revealed how much Mr. Bhatt is right in his propagation!

Pooja Bhatt’s Jism 2 is slated for August 3 release and it features Randeep Hooda and Arunidaya Singh in the lead star cast, apart from Sunny.

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