John to Donate His Sperms as per the Request by Female Fan

On Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

john to donate sperms

fan requests John for his sperm donation to be a mother. It is a noble cause as said by the hunk himself.

John Abraham who was in news to do an item song in his self production film ‘Vicky Doner’, is now set to donate sperms. Yes, you heard right. The actor is ready to donate his sperms as per the request of a female married fan of his. Where ever the actor goes, the camera follows him and it’s obvio because he is the only hunk with best body after Salman Khan. The model turned actor was in news to be in affair with Bipasha Basu, who was also a model turned actor for 9 long years. Their breakup news widen like ezema and now Bips is alone.

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Well, we are talking about the movie ‘Vicky Donor’, which is all set to release and with its unusual and fresh new concept it might become able to collect wind. And why not, where John like a guy is related to the film. The film is going to deal with the sensitive issues of sperm donationin India. Since his film promotion, John has been advocating the matter of sperm donation publicly.  We came to know that the actor turned producer will start donating his sperms as per the request of a female fan. The female fan  actually wants John to donate his sperm to her because she is married and having problem in conceiving a baby.

It is a great cause according to John Abraham for all the female childless fans of his and those who can become mothers. Reports say that artificial insemination is the only way out for the lady. The lady actually viagra for sale wants John’s sperms to get inseminated in her womb. Wow! Isn’t it great?

As stated by the lady, John

Abraham will talk about this sensitive issue in public as well as at the government level to large scale of people who are aware of it. The film he has made with Ayushman (male protagonist in Vicky

Donor) will really encourage the young adults to come and help out the couples who want to enjoy parenthood. John confirms that he is all set to donate his sperms to a famous fertility centre in Chandigarh (they too requested John) and this will be purely for humane and charitable cause.

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