Why John Abraham so frantic to be a Certified Gym Trainer?

On Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

John Abraham

John Abraham wants to be a professional trainer!

B-town actor John Abraham is much familiar in the industry for his awesome shape rather than his acting skills and no wonder to say that he is one of the most measured body builders in the industry. But, as per the recent reports the muscular man of Bollywood no more desires to get confined to his personal shaping, rather he wants to become a trainer to train others! Isn’t it fantastic?  Of course, and who wouldn’t like to learn with a trainer like John!

And this is why the actor has gone a step ahead to set up a series of gymnasiums in Worli, Mumbai namely, JA Fitness. To turn an absolute professional trainer, the actor has also enrolled for a three months course in London, which will state him fitness professional officially. Confirming the development in John’s chamber, a source said, “John wants to be able to guide health enthusiasts and not just set up a normal gym. The course he is undertaking is an intensive one and will require him to be in London for three months.”

And what reportes we do have, John’s know-how on body building is not enough to be a professional trainer and that’s why the actor has undergone this schedule of training. Right now John is in London undergoing the training and confirming John’s idea to undergo the physical fitness training, his spokesperson said, “It was his idea to get himself a trainer’s certificate. Once he is back, we will have more details.”

Well, now it’s to be seen what will be the next attempt of the actor on this regard, once he returns from London finishing his training. Will he make himself intact with the Gym business? then what will be of his B-town career? Well, time will be a great answer. So, let’s wait and watch!

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