‘Jism 2’ Theatrical trailer: Storyline overstates the obsessed love

On Saturday, July 21st, 2012


‘Jism 2′ theatrical trailer released.

After having a glimpse of the stills and title song of the Randeep Hooda-Sunny Leone-Arunoday Singh starrer ‘Jism 2’, while we were expecting that the erotic thriller would hardly have a divergent storyline, but the lately released theatrical trailer shouts a lot about a distinct story factor inside the movie!

What the trailer reveals, this directorial retort of Pooja Bhatt is an erotic thriller about the ventures of a mole, who uses a pornstar as a lure to swindle a, and finally manages to save the country. But, during this course of action, both the mole and the slaughterer get close with the pornstar at some overseas milieu and there starts the matter!

Our thought took an even turn when we saw the twit of Pooja Bhatt in his microblogging site that said, “Showed a key player in the business a few reels of #Jism2. His response was classic- Yaar isme toh STORY bhi hain! Lottery lag gayi!” Ha ha ha ….we couldn’t stop laughing! That made us assured, no there is really some story factor in the movie! And moreover, what the trailer illustrates, we can ensure you that it is by far going to be the most hot and sticky flick to come out of Bollywood. Then, will be full of entertainment and masti know?

Further, the movie not only deals in the highest fraction of lust show, but pacts with an even proportion of hot dialogues that will make you go wild inside the theatre. So, what to wait more! Just have a look on this theatrical trailer and say Wow!

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