‘Jism 2’ poster showcases Nathalia and not Sunny!

On Wednesday, August 1st, 2012


Nathalia Kaur in ‘Jism 2′ poster.

Just have a look on the poster and say, who is the babe giving the hot pose? Of course, you will take her for the Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leon and this is the poster which created huge romcom in the industry even much before the erotic thriller would hit the theatres. But, you will be shocked to know that the gal here is not Sunny, rather the much acclaimed item gal of Ram Gopal Verma’s ‘Department’, Nathalia Kaur!

An intense look on the picture will give you the impression that the skinny contour can never be of the Indo-Canadian porn star. The ‘Jism 2’ director clarifies the affair saying, “A year ago, when it was being speculated that the film will feature either Bipasha Basu or Mallika Sherawat, I decided to whet people’s appetite with a sexy poster. I called my friend, photographer Joy Datta, who deals with dusky Brazilian models, for options. I chose Nathalia from amongst the ones he showed me.”

In fact, the poster was shot much before Sunny was signed up for the movie. It was shot during the monsoon at Pooja’s farmhouse. However, Sunny was convinced to sign up for the movie, being shown this poster.

Later, when Ram Gopal Verma came to know that Pooja has signed Sunny for her upcoming project, he expressed his desire for Sunny to make an item number in his film. But because Pooja expelled the idea, he lunged to Nathalia and pompously boasted that she is her discovery. After seeing the poster of Jism 2, he even called Pooja and said, “I would be the first man standing in a queue to buy a ticket,” devoid of knowing that the poster actually bears Nathalia and not Sunny.

Now it will be a good turn for Pooja to brag that in actuality Nathalia was her discovery and not RBG’s.  What you think guys? Am I not right?

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