Jism 2: A Film Review

On Friday, August 3rd, 2012


Sunny Leon and Randeep Hooda in ‘Jism 2′.

What if you are in intense love with someone and inadvertently get known that the person you love is an assassin? You might lose heart like never before. And the issue might turn more composite if you get obstinate to reimburse for the mistakes (being in love with a criminal), having taken vengeance on him (your ex-flame) by any means! That’s what depicts the Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leon starrer erotic thriller ‘Jism 2’.

The movie clearly showcases how a porn star Izna (Sunny Leon) brings into play her jism to take revenge on her ex-flame Kabir (Randeep Hooda) who is a cop-turned-assassin. Get into the depth of the story and it will unveil multifaceted eye-openers for you to get punched with unforeseen bolts from the blue!

However, ‘Jism 2’ is not typically as sullied a picture as showcased by director Pooja Bhatt in her promos and sizzling stills, but yet an adult film! Astoundingly, the movie flits around sex as a butterfly slithers over the many water lilies in a pond! It’s well enchanting to thrill you inside the theatre from the very beginning with the voluptuous Sunny seducing intelligence bureau (IB) officer Ayaan (Arunodoya Singh) with her well-endowed shape in all red lingerie, glossy high heels, tight suspenders and openhanded cleavage on a hotel room bed.


Sunny Leon in ‘Jism 2′.

The babe is persuaded to be offered with ten crore rupees by Ayaan and his senior officer Guru Saldanah (Zakaria) to take revenge on her ex-flame Kabir and by far she gets agree with the offer, as she thinks it a noble endeavor to pay him (Hooda) for his sins. Rather, Ayaan puts oil into the flame saying “Isi bahane tum mulk ki madad bhi kar logi.” But you might get confused, why she is so much unwavering to obliterate him, only because she wants to pay him for his peccadilloes or any other reasons wink there?

Conversely, faked to have engaged to Ayaan, Izna is taken to picturesque Galle in Sri Lanka where Kabir is concealed as a musician and the scantily-clad (dressed in tiny shorts, clingy tops) babe (Sunny) creates the same waves in the mind of Kabir that he once searched in her Jism. Having gathered all clandestine data from Kabir, Izna pretends leaving Ayaan to marry Kabir. But, the long time connection has impelled Ayaan to fall in love with her and there starts the problem. But what problem! What blend does the story take afterwards? Does Izna become successful in her mission? Or she comes under the illusion of Kabir? Visit your nearest theatre to get answer to all your queries.

Anyways, the movie is bundled up with numerous heart-facts that really move you astound inside the four walls. The power pack performance by Hooda and most probably his voice, almost like Naseer seems sometimes, lukewarm, touching, with perfect diction makes you stimulated. Apart, the go berserk sex beseech of Sunny Leone, who prances around in lacy lingerie, blazing her generous assets, will take you a world rather sinuous and dreamy  where you might suck up a spirit filled with ample obsession!


Sunny leon, Randeep Hooda and Arunodaya Singh in Jism 2.

But, what’s most appreciating in the movie is the manner in which the sex scenes have been filmed; neither recoiling nor explicitly abusive. Though filmed on average for the male voyeur, yet director Pooja Bhatt  expunges the gender ranks a lot by showcasing both the lead actors, in empty-bodied grandeur. In this extent, the attempt of the director seems superb. While all other actors iincludiing the lead ones have given their cent percent, we still find some drawbacks that the movie might suffer.

We say so because, Jism 2 falls short to cause the impression of threat and apprehension that the spectators must have been in search of while going through a dodgy cat-and-mouse story factor like this. Even at times, the movie fails to create a tangible sexual chemistry between the seductress and the duo male leads and hence they seem strenuous.

However, the film is blessed with lots of other intense acne like far-fetched storyline, Nigam Bomzan’s stupendous cinematography, and the splendid songs composed by debutant Arko Provo Mukherjee. Whilst, the movie is considered as the sexy doll Sunny’s trump card to Bollywood, yet many wonder if she will be capable to gather all praise!

As an erotic thriller, though ‘Jism 2’ is capable enough to grab your attention due to its production design, but can’t meet the whole lot you expect from it. Yet, it is proficient enough to keep you intact to the story till end with the mystery prevailing in it. Ask us if you will get an adequate reimburse to your money invested for the movie and we will say why not?


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