Janat 2 – A Filmy Review

On Friday, May 4th, 2012


Promotional Poster of 'Janat 2'

Janat 2 is the today released Bollywood crime thriller and sequel of the most demanded and hit film of 2008 “Janat”. The title itself must have been a mystery for most of the readers, though once they have already come across it before. But answer to the essence of the title and why the filmmakers chose such a title must have been an obscurity. What you can speculate concerning the plot of the film from this title? Do you think it is an absurd idea about the life of a browbeaten or a life after death in a diverse world called “Janat”? Gush…..the thought drives us crazy. Anyhow, answers to these unrevealed questions must have been clarified with the commencement of Jannat 2.

The film is been directed by Kunal Deshmukh and is produced by the Bhatts (Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt). The storyline of the film somehow differs from that of the previous Janat. Janat included the storyline of a Bookie who was implicated in betting and match fixing. But the sequel trends a different plot with an illicit armaments dealer in Delhi, who believes to even out the standard of all with a gun in their hand, so that the wars would get stopped. The previous Jannat was the Serial Kisser Imran Hasmi starrer film and this is also the same with Imran in the lead role.

In both the films the name of his character is ‘Arjun’ and in this movie, the new comer Esha Gupta will play the role of lead Lady against him. Besides Imran, we shall find other leading actors like Randeep Hooda and Imran Zahid in the film, playing the roles of ‘ACP Pratap’ and ‘Vijaya Thakur’ respectively. The film has been produced under the Vishesh Film Banner, but it will only distribute the film in Indian market whereas the overseas market distribution responsibility for the film is bestowed upon Star Studios. The movie is expected to be a smashing hit in the box office and people seem to be really waiting for the film rationally.

The plot of the movie is based on a smart-street punk Sonu Dilli (Emran Hassmi), who is a gluttonous gun seller and is badly reputed as “KKC – Kutti Kameeni Cheez” among his customers. He deals his business with a motto to stop wars among people and hence thinks to equalize the standard of all with a gun on each hand. By chance he falls under the radar of ACP Pratap (Randeep Hooda), a maverick cop who proceeds with a sole aim in life to reach the root of the nexus of arms, enforces him to work as his informer and compels him to delve deeper into the illegal business. ACP Pratap does all these to avenge the death of his wife who was killed by a person having an illegal gun.


Imran Hasmi and Isha Gupta in Janat 2

With the flow of time, Sonu falls in love with Jhanvi (Esha Gupta), who works as a doctor at a government hospital. Their first meeting takes place at the hospital, when Sonu is there to get his slashed palm dressed. The following time Sonu goes to meet her in the hospital, she asks, “Aaj kya kar aayee ho?”  Before he could answer anything her eyes jump to his waist and the sudden frenetic cry of Pratap, “It’s an emergency! It’s an emergency!” makes him escape the place devoid of succumbing to bullets fired at him. Ultimately a predictable new twist takes place in the story whilst the audience will find Sonu making a life-altering decision to lead a civilized life, for getting his lady love back who has laft him after coming across the hidden truth of his life.

After all, how Sonu could have been out of the list to take such a decision and you need not get fully explained the thought, if you might have seen the promos or the poster of the film and would have marked at the chiseled body of Jhanvi. Apart, love matters too!

If we consider the film from the plot point of view, then it is appreciable as the monotonous portions are being suppressed by the quick storyline. But it could have been more appealing with some added action sequences. And to tell of the director Kunal Deshmukh, who had debuted in the prequel of Janat 2, could have made the plot more tempting with some extra thought. We can better guess it from the climax that is not much persuasive.

And what to tell of the protagonist Emraan Hasmi! A just performer and has reflected the same justice in his act. He has accurately carried the film ahead with a not-so-easy, yet achievable approach and truthfully portrayed the role of a distinctive dilli boy. It can be  better accumulated from the scene where Pratap tells Sonu, ““Saans toh lele. Bolta hai toh bolta hi chala jaata hai.” This better reveals the dedication and expertise the actor has inputted in the film while delivering his dialogue (tired, yet unconvincing whether to accept the offer of Pratap), though he seems to be more convincing, while out of the act to behave as a typical Delhi crook. Hats up to you Sonu urf Emran!


Imran with Isha in a song sequence in Janat 2

Randeep Hooda also has made his character lively as was expected from him in reference to the complements he had got in his previous films. He proves again his worth after playing the role of a grief-driven cop affluently. His powerful performance and majestic appearance is another notable viewpoint and the most positive showcase in the film.

Esha Gupta, the perfect shape beauty has added glamour and appeal into the film and has proved herself to be a great model and can be used by sari brands productively to trade their next season’s specials. She reassembles a lot to Lara Dutta and Diana Haydon in her look but overall leaves little to remember her for.

Music Director Pritam is directing music for the film and undoubtedly the music is outstanding like the other films produced under “Vishesh Film Banner”. Especially the background music is worth hearing.

Anyhow, Janat 2 is of course a long waited movie thriving huge prospects and delay in the release date has added up more excitement among the onlookers. It’s worth watching and is no doubt going to convene a feel of Janat for the bystanders sitting outside, confronting the screen!


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