100 crore is the least business a film should do at the BO: Jackie Shroff

On Friday, September 28th, 2012


Jackie Shroff thinks 100cr is the minimum business for a film!

The B-town actor is of three decades old in the industry, yet carries the same sense of humor with him that he once used to have in his younger days. Put a query before him in any style leash and he instantly makes it hilarious with his poignant sense of humor. Well, it was the occasion of the trailer launch of his upcoming film Cover Story when some curious journo and a mass of paparazzi met him at the event. Purpose was to ask him a few questions about his upcoming flick and to know his notion on 100cr films in present day industry.

The meeting was quite elegant as the actor was in his usual rhythm and seemed too supportive for the media personnel. With his customary way of enthusiasm, he asked a photographer present there, “Itna photo le raha hai, ghar pe lagayega kya?” Ha ha ha…the question left all present there laugh like anything! This was a slight glance of Jackie to make others realize that he is still filled with his usual element i.e. humor.

One more pat of his slapstick temperament was marked when the actor answered a query of the media that if he was comfy doing bold scenes at this phase in his career. He went candid saying, “Koney mein kiya toh theek hai, do sau log ke saamne karne mein haalat kharaab ho jaati hai.”  We couldn’t help appreciating such temperament of the actor! How abrupt and genuine he was in his answers! Loll!

Answering a question of the media, that what is his notion on 100cr films in present day industry, Jackie said, “In a country with a population exceeding 100 crores, that’s the least business a film should do at the BO.” Well, he is too apt in his estimation and his remarks made us recall Bhai’s (Salman Khan) remark on the issue. He also considered the matter somehow equal!

Anyways, we value such free frank tête-à-tête  of the Parinda actor and wish him all the best for his upcoming flick Cover Story.

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