Ishaqzaade; a Filmy Review

On Saturday, May 12th, 2012


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Ishaqzaade, the most anticipated Bollywood romantic drama went on floor the last day (May 11) and is indubitably worth-watching this weekend owing to its unique script issue and sensual deliberation of love. Director Habib Faisal has mixed up well in the story to divulge the catastrophic realism of love that most often impinges on the common life with an inexplicable thought process in various small towns of India.

Ishaqzaade, the love story is based on the milieu of two political families – The Qureshis and the Chouhans, residents of a small town namely Almor in UP who are involved in brawl to inhabit the position of MLA. Both the families proceed with the ultimate aim to fill in their vote banks and hence are ready to meet head-on any state of affairs that stand in front. The ambiance seems to have filled with rage and abhorrence.

But the real story behind the scene copes with the two small-town love birds Parmar Chauhan (Arjun Kapoor) and Zoya Querish (Parineeti Chopra) who have also entailed themselves as the two most active participants of the war game  that goes on ground for authority and preeminence. Whilst Parmar is here to bear out his worth to his grandfather, Jaya wants to fill her political ambitions. Both face up to each other with the same rage and fury that their family members have beached since years back. So what can be the next step? Can love sparkle between the two in such tongue-tied situations when both are getting trotted for revenge!


Arjun and Parineeti in Ishqzaade.

This is the real essence in the story and yes, love sparkles between the two and as might have anticipated by the spectators from the very beginning. But ‘how’? This how is the real mystery that makes the film more exhilarating. Answer to this how can better be implicated with a glimpse on the absolute story behind. But, one thing is to ascertain that the story is not one like the know-how concept that the revulsion of two young couple turns into love and they do fight together against the social norms to give their love a shape. Rather, the story hassles more, really incredible!

The actual twist appears in the story while the two raucous Parmer and fiery Jaya gets separated and finally entailed to commit suicide after a well mix up, grounding on the crossfire of hatred and politics. Surprisingly, the quintessence of love is aptly understood by a dancer and prostitute Chand Baby (Gauhar Khan), which could hardly be understood by these so called upholders of the family name and drivers of the political system.

But what makes Ishaqzaade stand apart is the script and Habib Fasal is worthy of praise for the cause. Besides, Habib Faisal’s concentration to micro emotions and his aptitude to formulate those emotions emerge impeccably on his character’s faces is what makes the film a victor. The music for the film is composed by Amit Trivedi and is soul soothing and the backdrop score of Ranjit Barrot keeps one alert and sets the disposition for many scenes.


Arjun-Parineeti chemistry in Ishaqzaade

And what to tell of Parineeti Chopra; an absolute genius! Her million expressions prove her a just actress to add something new to every scene. A feel of ‘Opps!’, a tip-off of ‘How dare you?’ and roughly each emotion- delicate or else has an evenly defensible expression.  And Arjun Kapoor has managed well with his act being in his debut. And his acts make it confirmed that he would perform well in the ‘no nonsense’ characters. But overall he seems too had worked more and hard to give proper justice to his character in the film. Gauhar Khan builds a huge report with her role as Chand Baby.

Apart, the Arjun – Pareneeti chemistry cleaves to adequate potential to bestow on you both the fresh and capricious feel of love that you will definitely like to sense at. Parineeti’s performance is one of the major aspects of the film and Habib’s script will no way let you down to take frequent looks at your watch, fervently waiting for the film to come to an end. That means no irritation and mystery in each turn! The film includes tell apart romance, watertight script and incredible direction to make your time in front of the screen and to depict the just, concealed and callous realism of love prevailing in the small towns of India.

Movie Rating @***

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