Is Vivek a Joru Ka Ghulam?

On Friday, November 16th, 2012

vivek priyanka

Vivek Oberoi and his wife Priyanka.

B-town actor Vivek Oberoi is a well-known face in the industry, not only as an actor, but as a handsome hunk. We have seen many B-town hot babes in optimum craze for him. At a time, the beautiful green eyed actress of Bollywood Aishwarya  Rai Bachchan was also having a close rapport with him. No wonder to say that he is a master in yummy acts. But we knew not that he is too a master in one more act.

What’s that? Of course, being a master in Joru Ka Ghulam. This might seem bit uncanny to you.  But it’s a truth as the handsome guy himself confesses this. Talking to the reporters in a recent interview Vivek bestowed all credits to his pregnant wife Priyanka for his success and told that he these days loves to spent time with her.

He went candid while saying that he and his wife are expecting their first child in February, the following year and that is what has made him turn a joru ka ghulam these days. Not only Vivek, but all his family members like his parents and his sister are also much excited for this. Then it’s essential that the actor must take all care of his pregnant wife and he is trying his level best to do his duties properly.

Vivek further adds that he likes to spent time with Priyanka when not in work and also tries to keep his wife contented, after taking her to cinema theaters or treating her to her favourite cuisine. Hmm! We do understand Vivek, why you are so desperate to keep your wife at ease and we too appreciate this attempt of yours. After all, you are going to be enlisted in the directory of Bollywood proud papas and hence it’s obvious that you must take all care of her who is about to give you the designation. Is no it so guys?

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