Is South Starlet Ileana Ranbir’s Girl!

On Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Ileana D'Cruz

Ileana D’Cruz is teased as Ranbir’s girl by Shahid Kapoor!

You might wonder, what does the meaning of this statement Ileana is ‘Ranbir’s girl’! In fact, we also got chuckled for some moments when came to hear about such terms being pronounced for the actress. She did her B-town debut with Anurag Bau’s ‘Barfi’ and got rave reviews for her fantastic character part of a typical housewife in the movie. Of course, she was been roped against the B-town emerging star Ranbir Kapoor in the movie, but that doesn’t mean that she became Ranbir’s girl!

Then what’s the hell about all this buzz? Actually, these terms are used by B-town star Shahid Kapoor to tease Ileana. The babe is roped in her second B-town film, Raj Kumar Santoshi’s Phata Poster Nikla Hero against Shahid and is busy making the post shoot rehearsals with the actor right now . While busy with the rehearsals, the South sensation shared some of the experiences that she had while working with Ranbir at the sets of ‘Barfi’ and that led Shahid to call her so, in order to tease her.

And you know how mischievous Shahid is! So, who can stop him now from this infantile activity of his! Of course, Ileana takes it easy as she has got much acquainted with the nature of Shahid and that’s what makes the issue irk-free. Else, God knows what would have happened!

Confirming the development, a secure said to a leading daily, “Ileana had a great time working with Ranbir on Barfi! She shared some of those experiences with Shahid, who has now started teasing her as ‘Ranbir’s girl’. Shahid is being plain mischievous. Besides, Ileana knows only two actors so well; one being Ranbir and the other Shahid.”

Yeah! It’s obvious that she must know the two actors only being she is just a film old in Bollywood and we too look forward to see how best she uplifts her character in her upcoming flick with Shahid, after her terrific act-pact with Ranbir!

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