Is Salman Katrina’s Big Brother?

On Friday, November 16th, 2012

salman katrina

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are brother and sister!

B-town super starlet Katrina Kaif recently created huge hullabaloo in the Bengali city Koklata, when she revealed before a huge public that superstar Salman Khan is like a big brother to her. Big brother! Ahem Ahem! When the relationship took a turn? We couldn’t exactly guess what the babe was saying. Is it a truth or something else is brewing there?

The entire team of ‘Jab Tak Hai jaan’ was there is Kolkata on Saturday to innagurate the Kolkata International Film festival and the legendary Amitabh Bachchan was also present at the spot. King Khan of Bollywood, who is also regarded as the brand ambassador of west Bengal was present at the ceremony along with the CM of WB, Mamata Banarjee.

But glooming the presence of all the biggies, Kat grabbed the limelight and created a huge stir there when she said, Salman is like my big brother”.  Hmm! This was what made everyone’s jaws drop the biggies present there must have got astounded wethinks, though they showed not certain reaction. However, it’s not escaped from anyone that what sort of relation they really tend and it’s well-known that Salman was the only man who made her get the status in Bollywood that she these days is having.

Else, it’s quite impossible on the part of a simple gal lie her with an amazing stature and accented Hindi to serve the turns for such a long duration.  Even, they were maintaining a close rapport for sometimes and constantly adorning the media page for their intimacy. They were so close that Kat even once hesitated not to divulge that Salman is her 4am friend. Then how they turned brother and sister? The matter in real, is bit hard to digest.

However, they got alienated few days ago for reasons unknown and we hope she gives such pleas only to maintain her entity in the industry. But, yet it’s to be seen, how Salman reacts to this!

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