“I have never been single all my life,” says Veena Malik.

On Wednesday, July 4th, 2012


Veena Malik exposes the secret behind her relationship.

The Pakistani seductress Veena Malik has always been a part of the buzz due to her controversial relationship status and recently she revels why her relationship does not last long! Reversely, she makes it definite that she is no way ready to get married right this moment and this can be taken as a stern response from her side to Raja Choudhuary’s marriage offer.

Confirming about her relationship status and marriage issues, recently she told, “I am not ready to marry right now. I don’t have time. Yes, my relationships don’t last because I am such a freak. I am such a spoiled brat. It is very difficult to handle me. I have mood swings. I have sleep and eating disorders. I am so anxious at times that I get panic attacks. I don’t think this could be the reason of my break-up; the reason for my break-up is I can’t take cheating. But the fact is I have never been single all my life, I have always been in a relationship.”

Just only the babe had made her Bollywood debut with a B-grade flick “Daal Mein Kuchh Kaala Hai”. Though she had tried hard to make a big entry into the B-town with this B-grade flick of her, but seems not to have left any dent on the mind of the viewers and there is no hum around. In such a milieu what more can we expect from her?  Only her snivel yarns and nothing else, I do suppose! But what you think friends?

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