I can’t confirm the date right now: Saif

On Wednesday, July 25th, 2012


Saif Ali Khan in the ‘Cocktail’ success bash.

The ‘Cosktail’ star thinks it wise to keep his personal and professional life apart and hence says not anything a propos the date of his nuptials. Rather, his recent film ‘Cocktail’ got well accepted in the box office and the recently thrown success bash of the movie made Saif besieged. It seemed the actor was out of mood to talk anything about his marriage.

Being asked about the date of his bridal with Kareena, Saif said, “I can’t confirm the date right now. Probably a couple of months down the line, I would speak to you about it. Right now it’s only Cocktail, and I want to keep my professional and personal life separate”.

Right now, the actor is too busy with the shooting schedule of his forthcoming home production in Mauritius and is fully devoted to that. So, he is fairly out of all marriage affairs and fully concentrates on work. His recent release ‘Cocktail’ starring Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty in the opposite, is mummified as his biggest opening ever and he is quite thankful to the audiences for their support to his character in the movie.

Talking about his prior thought about the movie, Chhote Nawab said, “I thought there would be morality issues about me going from one girl to another. But the multiplex audience is ready for a lot of new things. The figures are very respectable. Cocktail did not cater to the masses or the numbers would have been much higher.” But, he is pretty happy the way his movie got the audience response.

Keeping his views concerning four star movies in India, the hunk said, “I don’t know what to make of it. Most of the films with four stars don’t really do well in this country at the box office. Cocktail is not a perfect film but it is a safe film. Agent Vinod was supposed to be a blockbuster but it did not click. So, I have learnt to work hard for every film and be ready for happy as well as rude surprises.”

However, Saif might not make anything clear about the date of his marriage right now, but it’s certain that it will be sermonized by this year and we look ahead to get an early response to this, on the actor’s end.

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