Why is Hritik so Desperate to Work with Shekhar Kapoor?

On Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan so keen to work with Shekhar Kapoor.

Do you know who Shekhar Kapoor is? He is one of those prominent directors of the industry, under whose direction many first-rate B-town actors die to act. And so is the condition of the most precious actor of the tinsel town, Hritik Roshan these days. Hritik, who of late raised many eyebrows for demanding the highest cost in the industry for an upcoming project, confesses that he is too desperate to work with the director.

You might wonder why! But, Hritik simply names it a lifelong dream of his. “I would just say that working with Shekhar Kapur is a lifelong dream of mine,” he says. In fact, the actor has signed for Shekharji’s upcoming flick ‘Paani’ and informing about his wish to work with Mr. Kapoor, he said, “I am looking forward to working with Mr. Shekhar Kapur and apart from work, just being with that man, in his presence, I feel comforted.”

Ask him what a kind of man Mr. Kapoor is and he narrates him as a kind of an enlightened soul. “On a personal equation, Shekhar Kapur is kind of an enlightened soul. So when I am with him, I feel a little enlightened, I feel a little good about myself,” he added. Hritik’s last venture was his most successful movie ‘Agneepath’ and right now is busy working with the following installment of his most successful franchise ‘Krrish’.

However, like many other B-town actors Hritik also takes special interest to turn a director. Ask him if he will be interested for the same and he says he will of course do so, but when he will not be in demand as an actor. At that time, it will be the source of his income to earn his livelihood.

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