What in Hrithik’s Mind to Become the Brand Ambassador of Maharashtra…

On Thursday, May 3rd, 2012


Hritik Roshan to Become the Brand Ambassador of Maharashtra!

Hrithik Roshan, one of the most eminent personalities of Bollywood, has recently been approached to be the Brand Ambassador of his home city Maharashtra by its Government hired agency. The trend is not new in Bollywood as before we have already seen Amitabh Bachchan becoming the FACE of Gujurat and at recent hand Saharukh Khan was engrossed with the prestigious designation for Werst Bengal. Apart, Bollywood actresses like Preity Zinta and Prachi Desai have also acted as the faces of Himachal Pradesh and Goa, respectively. But anyhow, definitely it’s a fabulous offer for Hritik!

Hritik these days is damn busy with the shooting of his upcoming film “Krrish 3” and after getting this news, he got ecstatic. Sources say, the Hiring Agency of Maharashtra Govt. contacted Hritik’s crew through email and instantly the news was brought to Hritik’s attention. Though he has not become able to take his final call on the matter because of his hectic schedule, but his joy knew no bounds after getting informed about the honor bequeathed upon him. Also he is much excited to extract time from his oh-so-busy schedule and join the shoot for the campaign to be organized by the government.

As per the trend, popular faces are appointed as Brand Ambassadors for a state that assists in promoting the sights and sounds and magnetize attention of visitors to the tourist spots of the state. Coherently, the agency has planned to shoot a docu-film with Hritik in places like Kolhapur, Mahabaleshwar, Raigad and Mumbai. Also it has plans for a photo shoot with him. Hence, the agency wants Hritik to take a few days off from his schedule and work with them for the state.

“But everything depends on the schedule it remains to be seen how they work out the dates considering Hrithik will be busy for another four-five months so the big question is will the agency wait till then?” says an insider.

Sources say that Hritik is going to remain busy with his pre-planned schedule up to October. But soon he will fit in the campaign after subtracting his schedule as he is too keen about the great honor bestowed upon him. Jagdish Mali, the owner of Jagdish Mali productions says, “the agency that approached Hrithik for MTDC has contracted me for the campaigns.. they feel Maharashtra’s tourism need to be promoted i have approached Hrithik but there’s no confirmation or denial from him yet they MTDC wants to announce it on may 1 so we will see how things work out,”.

So, let’s hope for the best and wish Hritik to join the campaign at his earliest and endorse Maharashtra to centralize it in the midst of his huge fan base.

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