Hitler Didi’s maha episode to see the real Hitler Didi alive!

On Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Hitlar Didi

Hitlar Didi to air its maha episode on October 11.

What reveal the innate sources, Zee TV’s mega serial Hitler Didi is going to take a fabulous turn as makers of the serial Trilogy Krikos’ are on thought of some ground-breaking ideas to keep the viewers intact to the show. And this is what will be disclosed in the maha episode that’s going to be telecasted on 11th October.

We have already witnessed many new faces, intrigues, murders, and double roles in the serial and now will view one among the best dramatic sequences in which the real identity of Zara (Rati Pandey) will get exposed. And we have been informed that it’s going to be revealed on October 11, in the maha episode of Hitler Didi.

In fact, in this episode Rishi (Sumit Vats) will come to know that Zara is Indira in real and it will be proved from the DNA test that will be conducted by Zara. We had also seen in the previous episodes that she had been asked by Rishi to go for a DNA test to know her real self and now she will decide to do the same. And for fortune’s favor, the report will go in support of Rishi.

Then you can better imagine, what will be the atmosphere of the Sharma Niwas after they will come to know that their beloved Indira is back in life! It will be simply fantastic, wethinks. The episode will be of one hour and will see a crisscross with the other popular serial of Zee TV Rab Se Sohna Isshq.

Well, it’s not all! Something more is also there  for you. I mean, we shall forget not to mention here that sources reveal, Hitler Didi has got an extension.  Then, of course more masti and more entertainment! Kyun doston? Thik Khahana? Upon contact, said Mr. Sumit Vats, “It’s going to be a fun filled episode which will also have an interesting twist and I just hope people like the episode.” But, informing about the extension he said, “I really have no idea but if our show has got an extension it’s really great news for us.”

Nice then! Let’s get ready for 11th October to watch the dead Indira back in life and rejoice with her family!

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