‘Heroine’ will have an anti-smoking ad!

On Saturday, September 8th, 2012


Kareena Kapoor smoking scene in ‘Heroine’.

The much talked about Madhur Bhandarkar film ‘Heroine’ is all set to hit the  theatres on 21st Sept and what’s good news for Kareena’s fans is that the Censor Board has taken back the ban on the movie featuring Kareena’s smoking scenes, but with some conditions! But what we hear from the filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar is that the movie is going to feature anti-smoking ads in the beginning and interval of the movie by Kareena, as per the new rules.

Well, it’s to welcoming an attempt. At hand the center clued-up the Supreme Court that it’s about to bring a new notification for legalizing the smoking scenes in television programs and films. As per the notification, the smoking scenes will be allowed with legal warnings only. Apart, the movie will also screen an anti-smoking clip both at the beginning and after the interval.

But, it seems Bhandarkar moves a step ahead than the laws and that’s why he has implemented the law in advance. Talking to the reporters about this development, recently he said, “In the beginning, Kareena will address the warning, and also for the interval part as well. We are implementing it (new rules).”

Kareena is also much happy with this endeavor of Bhandarkar and said, “I have recorded the voice for the beginning of the film. For the interval I will be doing it soon… I am happy with this.” Talking about the title track of the movie that only released today, Kareena said that the title track is for the classes and item number of the movie ‘Halkat Jawani’ is for the masses.

Though Kareena is much excited about the September 21st release but claims to have not set any BO target for it. “We have not fixed any target, we want people to see the film and enjoy it. We are very excited about it. We are eager to know about the fate of the film,” she said.

Well, time will reveal the fate of the film, but we shall wait to see if Kareena really remains firm to her adage!

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