Hema Malini reminds Sofia Hayat of her mother!

On Thursday, August 23rd, 2012


Sofia Hayat finds her mother in Hema Malini!

The British model-turned-actress Sofia Hayat got ecstatic after having a glimpse of the B-town yesteryear actress Hema Malini at the Nathdwara temple in Udaipur, as she proclaims Hema makes her recollect of her estranged mother. You might wonder why estranged! Doesn’t have Sofia any relation with her mother who lives in London? Not exactly, ‘coz she has stopped talking Ms Hayat after she chose acting her career and took to Christianity.

KK, nothing to worry on this, as the actress is quite fine with her recent lifestyle. But, how Hema makes her recollect her mother? In answer to this question, she says, “My mother doesn’t talk to me because I became an actor and took to Christianity, but when I met Hema Malini, I was just reminded of my mother because she looks exactly like her,” says Sofia, adding, “My mother and I used to watch Hemaji’s movies together in London and seeing her here brought on a rush of memories, maa ki yaad aa gayi.”

However, the babe admits to be much spiritual and hence she expresses her joy after visiting the temple in Udaipur. Rather, she emphasizes gathering immense experience in the world of spirituality. “I am a very spiritual person and since I hadn’t been to Udaipur before, I thought this is the perfect opportunity to visit the city and experience its state of spirituality,” she says.

Few days before, the babe was alleged to have been in an affair with the Indian cricket star Rohit Sharma, though she firmly denied to express anything about the hear-say. What not if she said nothing about her boy-friend, but of late she dared to dispose about her girl friend. “Udita Goswami and I are like girl-friends. We watch movies together, play with our dogs and have fun together. In short, we both are very honest with each other, and I think such camaraderie is rare to find in the industry,” she said.

Whatever, no issues if she shares not anything personal with us! But, it’s really nice to hear that she finds her mother in India in form of Hema Malini and the trend might lead her way to get her special one in India too! Don’t you think so friends?

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